Tiesha Johnson

Rev. Tiesha Johnson

Rev. Tiesha R. Johnson was introduced to Christ at a very early age as she attended St. James A.M.E Zion church with her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She grew up watching them work vivaciously to grow and undergird the church and its ministries. In 1996, Tiesha gave her life to Christ and quickly began serving God and her church. Over the years, she has sung with the St. James A.M.E Zion Mass choir and praise team, attended quarterly and annual conferences, was a member of the Y.A.M.S (Young Adult Missionary Society), and served as a Class Leader. In 2001, Tiesha received her call to ministry. She was very hesitant to accept this call on her life and did not fully commit to her calling until 2006 under the leadership of Rev. Robert Lewis.

Tiesha is the blessed mother of two sons, Tyson and Keyton, and one daughter, Jordyn, and proud grandmother to grandson Kyro. She is currently a minister at The Jesus Spot in Massillon, OH under the leadership of Pastor Robert Williams and Assistant Pastor Candace Spencer. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 46:5 “God is within her, she cannot fall; God will help her at the break of day.” One of her many mantras is “As long as God keeps giving me breath, I will keep serving Him.”

Tiesha is continually excited for what God HAS done, IS doing, and WILL continue to do.